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March 5, 2004 Electronic Plans


In addition to the paper Plans and Proposals the Department already offers, starting with the March 5, 2004 Letting the Department will be offering Plans and Proposals electronically (except for Aeronautics and IDNR Contracts). Plans and/or Proposals may be downloaded from the Department's web site at no cost.
Please Note: Plans on the Internet will be 23" X 36" fullsize.

Plans & Proposals may also be purchased on CD-ROM for $35 per letting set (letting set = all plans & proposals pertaining to specific letting).
Please Note: Plans on CD-ROM will be reduced size 11" X 17".

Firms wishing to bid directly to the Department MUST request Authorization to Bid (BDE 124). Prospective bidders must also submit an Affidavit of Availability (BC 57).

Firms downloading Plans and/or Proposals that do not wish to bid directly to the Department will not be placed on the Not For Bid list unless they request to be added to the list. Such requests shall be made by submitting a Request for Authorization to Bid/or Not For Bid Status form. (BDE 124INT)

At some future time the Department will offer electronic Plans and Proposals ONLY .


It is the contractor's responsibility to determine which, if any, addenda pertains to any project they may be bidding. Failure to incorporate all relevant addenda may cause the bid to be declared unacceptable. When the Department implements electronic ONLY Plans and Proposals it will not send addenda to individual plan holders.

Each addendum will be placed with the electronic Plan and/or Proposal. Addenda will also be placed on the Addendum Checklist and each subscription service subscriber will be notified by e-mail of each addendum issued.

The Internet is the Department's primary way of doing business. The subscription server e-mails are an added courtesy the Department provides. It is suggested that bidders check IDOT's website before submitting final bid information.

IDOT is not responsible for any e-mail related failures.

Addenda Questions may be directed to Jim Duncan at 217-782-7806 or

Technical Questions about downloading these files may be directed to Roseanne Nance at (217)785-5875 or e-mail at


View a file: click the link with the left mouse button.

Download a file: click the link with the right mouse button, then choose "save target as".

Download Acrobat Reader

Click here to View Electronic Proposals for These Plans
Click here to View Electronic Standards (11" X 17") Effective 01/01/04

FUP = Fold Up Plans in Proposal
Plans are full size(23" X 36") unless noted in file name(11" X 17")
* = Not Yet Available

March 5, 2004 Letting Plans

PL62288-001 PL83733-044 PL72253-087
PL64974-002 FUP PL83734-045 PL72317-088
PL66385-003 PL83739-046 PL90869-089
PL72859-004 PL87263-047 PL98837-090
PL72861-005 PL91304-048 PL98783-091 Revised 2/27/04
PL72865-006 PL93363-049 PL66310-092
PL76717-007 FUP PL93364-050 FUP PL92656-093
PL66150-008 Revised 2/25/04 PL98828-051 PL64584-094
PL66413-009 PL98831-052 FUP PL62652-095 Revised 2/26/04
PL68393-010 PL60365-053 PL91307-096
PL44835-011 FUP PL72116-054 PL85333-097
PL44836-012 FUP PL83718-055 PL66286-098
PL44837-013 FUP PL89282-056 PL66323-099
PL44838-014 FUP PL89308-057 Revised 2/26/04 PL85321-100
PL60796-015 PL90964-058 PL83646-101
PL62607-016 PL91290-059 PL90948-102 Revised 2/25/04
PL62621-017 FUP PL91296-060 Revised 2/26/04 PL66369-103
PL62622-018 FUP PL93346-061 PL66387-104
PL62624-019 FUP PL95387-062 PL66350-105 Revised 03/01/04
PL62625-020 PL95389-063 PL62649-106
PL62683-021 PL98648-064 PL62664-107 Revised 02/27/04
PL62696-022 PL91297-065 PL64951-108
PL62705-023 FUP PL60948-066 PL64980-109 FUP
PL64967-024 FUP PL64952-067 PL64981-110 FUP
PL64972-025 FUP PL62690-068 PL97220-111 Updated 2/27/04
PL64973-026 FUP PL66415-069 PL97219-112 Revised 02/27/04
PL64989-027 FUP PL74012-070 FUP PL97229-113
PL68322-028 FUP PL74018-071 FUP PL99184-114 FUP
PL68384-029 FUP PL74021-072 FUP PL70361-115
PL68390-030 FUP PL76751-073 FUP PL70362-116
PL70405-031 FUP PL83705-074 PL70364-117
PL72853-032 PL99192-075 FUP PL76699-118 Revised 2/26/04
PL72854-033 PL99193-076 FUP PL64153-119
PL76703-034 PL92611-077 Revised 2/17/04 PL62691-120
PL98847-035 PL98814-078 Revised 2/27/04 PL64480-121
PL98862-036 FUP PL72635-079 PL62650-122 ITEM WITHDRAWN
PL62437-037 Revised 02/27/04 PL97223-080 PL62474-123
PL62644-038 PL97231-081 FUP PL66115-124
PL62645-039 PL83632-082 PL98839-125 FUP
PL62651-040 Revised 2/24/04 PL83660-083 PL70012-126
PL68000-041 Revised 3/02/04 PL83736-084 PL68374-127 FUP
PL72677-042 PL83731-085 PL70352-128 FUP
PL83706-043 PL66374-086 PL76602-129 Revised 2/25/04
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